Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Lagi 3 bulan, masuk setahun aku tinggal blog aku ni.. hihihi.. so arini, and since smalam, i keep thinking on kembali untuk menjadi blogger.. my love and passion on the not so new hobby had taken most of my time and i love it to be that way, instead of doing nothing or do useless thing.

hopefully its not too late to welcome 2011 and this year, i'm back in penang, leavin all those great memories, experiences, friend, family, all those great great thing there, leavin behind my favourite sport, my buddies, my neighbors, and so much more.. real hard for me to do this. many things had to be considered b4 taking this big step.. i'm sad, real sad when all the memories being played automatically inside my mind.. hmmm...

i'm afraid to be alone in my own place, as i, since my early secondary school life, am not staying at my hometown. then i spent nearly 10 years in rome, building thousands of frenship, contact, families, great buddy there. i dont wanna lose all this. the bond is unimaginably strong for me, but i have to do this, obeying my superiors. as for today, i'm 70% cured, can smile happily with my frens here, old and new one, with sooooooooooooo many styles, attitudes and craziness.. hahahah.. can keep on hanging around at nite (ngeteh just like b4 in rome), lepaking with all the models (yummy.. hahahaha), learn many new thing, gain more experience in many matter, and back to blogging.. kinda nice right.. i'm learning to mingle with them without hurting any but i know some will surely get hurt.

Please take note of this. "This is my way of life.. I mix around with both genders and i dont have any grudge or problem with opposite gender and even if i hang around with only one gal, doesnt mean that i'm in love with her or we are having a special relation. its only my nature and i'm happy to live this way"

hihihi.. sometime, life can become very complicated for others but not me.. complicated, for me, can only be found in add math, chemistry, physics and history subject. life? never.. theres always a solution for all the problems. trust me.. deal rationally with all the matters that arise.

i'm hungry and guess what? theres a canteen in my new place.. hahahah. will continue with next post. bye..
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